two sides of a triangle are equal. The third side is 3 less than the sum of the two equal sides. The perimeter is 31 inches. Find the length of each side

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asked by Allen
  1. one side= 8.5
    one side= 8.5
    one side = 14

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    posted by Sarah
  2. The two sides equal 8.5 inches. The third side equals 14 inches.

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    posted by Sarah
  3. Let x = length of each of the two sides. Then third side = 2x-3

    2x + 2x -3 = 31

    4x - 3 = 31

    4x = 34

    x = 8.5

    2x - 3 = 17 -3 = 14

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    posted by PsyDAG

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