Hi,can I have your help? I'm just trying to solve a few Dilution Solution problems. I'm stuck on these two,and I wish you could help.
Here's one:

A 500 mL bottle of concentrated acetic acid is diluted to make a 5.0% solution. Find the volume of diluted that is prepared?

Normally,I apply the equation: M1V1=M2V2 to solve for the unknown. In this case I'm stuck,and wondering if that equation applies.

Here's the other problem:

If a 355 mL can of soda pop is diluted to a final volume of 1.00 L,what can be said quantitatively about the concentration of the diluted solution as compared with the original solution?

Thank You.

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asked by Cliff
  1. concentrated acetic acid? what is its strength? IF 100Percnet, then you want to dilute it 20 times (100 to 5). That means one part conc acid, 19 parts water.
    so, 20x .5L is the final volume.

    OK, diluting 1L from .355 L is 2.82 times, which means 1 part orig soda, 1.82 parts water. The new stuff is 1/2.82 times as conentrated. (about 1/3 the concentration)

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