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If the solubility of alum is 1g @ 1 degree celcius and 1.7 g at 6 degree celcius how much alum (KAl(SO4)2.12H20) would you expect to dissolve at 5.5% C?

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asked by Kat
  1. Without any other information this maybe a simple linear relationship, especially over the small temperature range.

    1 g at 1C
    1.7 g at 6C

    so solubility is given by

    1 g + 0.7g/5 (T-1)

    so if T=5.5C

    solubility is
    1 g + 0.7g/5 (5.5-1)
    =1 g + 0.63 g = 1.63 g

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    posted by Dr Russ

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