for bob

y do u tell ppl on recent questions i would like to critique ur thoughts

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  1. I don't know that this question is directed specifically to me, since I am one of several Bob's on the boards; however, I can answer your question. The answer:
    Jiskha is a homework help board with the emphasis on HELP. That is, we try to help point you in the right direction but we USUALLY don't work a problem completely through. Therefore, when a student posts a long (or short)thought question, we generally say "We shall be happy to critique your thoughts" as a way of geting the student to think about the problem and give us his/her thoughts on the correct answer. Then we can read the answer, correct any misunderstandings (if any) or add critical information. We do that instead of typing up an answer that the student can turn in without any thought on his/her part. Put another way, we are trying to teach how to do the problem instead of just doing the problem. I hope this helps you understand. (As a side note, note that I wrote this in relatively good English with proper spelling. For us old folks, it makes for easier reading.)

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  2. That means, I don't do the thinking for students...they have to do their own, but I will comment on it, and guide them if it is off the target. One learns nothing by others doing the thinking.

    Critiquing is a very serious matter.

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  3. so dey don't uz me 2 do deir hmwk. Cul, huh? tiping in englush is fur de ole teachurs.
    Yes, I agree, standard English makes more sense. One will never get ahead in the real world using IM or Txt talk. Get in the habit now, so you can be rich later. Habits formed when you are young, stay for life.


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