10th grade

jordan has 2 quarters, 1 nickel, and 3 dimes. if he took 1 out and then a second one without replacing the first coin, what is the probability that both coins were dimes?

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asked by audrey
  1. 3/6 * 2/5= 1/2 * 2/5= 2/10 = 1/5

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    posted by Jen
  2. well first you find how many coins there are in all. In this problem the entire amount is 6 coins,
    3 of the 6 coins are dimes,
    if you pull out one dime there are now 2 dimes out of 5 coins ( because you took one away)
    so the answer would be two out of five chances.

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    posted by Meagan
  3. Cycv

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