the number of cats that are homeless can be modeled by the equation N= 2.1t squared - 82t + 95 where N is the number of cats that are homeless and t=0 set as the current year.Use the quadratic model to find the number of years from now until the number of homeless cats is equal to 15.need larger number of the two answers to the nearest hundredth.

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asked by linda
  1. 2.1t^2 - 82t + 95 = 15
    2.1t^2 - 82t + 80 = 0

    solve using the quadratic equation formula, I got
    t = 1.00 or t =38.05

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    posted by Reiny
  2. N=2.1t^2- 82t+95 Since N = 15,
    15=2.1t^2- 82t+95 Now get this quadratic into standard form by subtracting 15 from both sides

    15-15= 2.1t^2- 82t+95-15
    0=2.1t^2- 82t+80 I am not sure what methods you have studied to solve this yet, but I would use the quadratic equation. Where a = 2.1, b = 82 and c = 80
    t= (-b�}�ã(b^2-4ac))/2a
    t= (-82�}6052)/(2(2.1))
    t = -1.00 or -38.04
    Largest would be -1.00

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    posted by Carole

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