Given the compounds H2S, NH3, and SO2. Determine the order o boiling points. Rank them from highest to lowest boiling point. Give an explanation for your ranking by the electronegativity data a by type of intermolecular force.

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asked by regina
  1. On the basis of molar mass alone, the order would be SO2 highest followed by H2S followed by NH3. (64 for SO2, 34 for H2S and 17 for NH3)
    The electronegativity of N is higher than that of S, and it can form hydrogen bonds which will make the boiling point higher. Personally, I think it's a guess as to how far up you move NH3, certainly above H2S but probably not enough to move above SO2.
    I think the order will be SO2, NH3, H2S highest to lowest.

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    posted by DrBob222

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