I got part a but I'm having trouble figuring out b... I know the formula should be something like:
T=2pi/omega and omega=sqrt(k/m) but how am I supposed to find T when I don't know k or m??

A pendulum has a period of 2.4 s. a) What is its length?

l = m *
1.4298 OK

b) Its mass is doubled. What is its period now?

HELP: What is the formula for the period of a simple pendulum?

HELP: T = 2π / ω. What is ω for a simple pendulum?

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  1. I am a student.But i think i may help you.....the formula for the period of a simple pendulum is T = 2pi(L/g)^ you can see..the mass do not affect the period.

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    posted by Marco

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