Please show me the steps.....
At STP, 3.00 L of nitrogen gas contains the same number of molecules as

A) 1.00 L of nitrogen gas
B) 2.00 L of oxygen gas
C) 3.00 L of chlorine gas
D) 4.00 L of hydrogen gas

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  1. You don't need an steps. Avogadro's Law says that equal volume of (ideal) gases at the same temperature and pressure contain the same number of molecules. So you had 3.00 L of one gas, you look for the answer of 3.00 L of another gas if you are looking for the same number of molecules.

    You MAY calculate if you wish, using the ideal gas law equation.
    PV = nRT
    For the same P, V, and T, n will be the same for any gas; therefore, the number of molecules will be the same.

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  2. How many moles are present in 30.0 L of helium gas at STP?

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  3. Give me that answer.

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