Early Child Ed.

Please check these questions and my answers:

1.For children who are learning
English as a second language,
context-embedded activities
enhance which?

A) written language

B) child-child socialization

C) vocabulary development

D) assimilation into the mainstream

2. Which of the following conditions
fails to foster good communicative
interactions in an early learning

A) The teacher repeats everything
a child says,but in the proper
English form.

B) At least during the time the child
is in the early care environment,the
teacher models Standard English.

C)The teacher offers daily oportunities
for each chid to speak.

D) The teacher provides a variety of
stimulating opportunities for
children to practice with children
and adults in the early care

Here are my answers, please let me know
if they are wrong!

1) (C) vocabulary development

2) (A) The teacher repeats everything
a child says,but in the proper
English form.

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  1. I agree with your answers.


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