Mathetmatics Application Problem - Need Help ASAP!

The question relates to application of sine functions.


Sunsets are later in the summer than in the winter. For planning a sunset dinner cruise through the 30 000 islands, the cruise planners may find the time, t, in hours (on a 24 hour clock) of the sunset on the nth day of the year using the equation (calculator needs to be in degree mode):

t = 1.75sin0.986(n-80)+18.43

Determine the time of the sunset on Shera's birthday of July 26, the 207th day of the year.


7:52 p.m.


How do I solve this problem?
Do I need to graph the equation or can I just solve it from doing the calculation?
When I substitute 207 in the (n-80) and solve for it, I get 203.75

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  1. n = 207 in this case. So the formula becomes
    t = 1.75*sin (0.986*127)+18.43
    = 1.75 *0.8169 + 18.41
    = 19.84 hrs
    = 19:50 militsry time = 7:50 PM

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  2. Thanks, I just realized what I have done wrong... I forgot to multiple 1.75 with sin

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  3. I keep getting 22.25
    And before, I had my calculator in radian mode ... now I have it in degree mode

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