A box weighing 215 N is placed on an inclined plane that makes a 55 degree angle with the horizontal. Compute the component of the gravitional force acting down the inclined plane.

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  1. F = 215*sin55 = 176.1 N.

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  2. Given: W=215 N, <=55*
    Find: F (parallel)
    Solution: sin(<)=opp/hyp
    opp =sin(<)(hyp)
    F (parallel)=sin(55*)(215 N)
    F (parallel)=176.1 N

    Gravity is the parallel force that you're solving for because it is the force that makes the box slide down the incline. It's the y-component of weight when drawn on a vector diagram, but it's even understandable as a component of weight because weight=mg.

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  3. jujl

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