Which of the following is a conjugate acid-base pair?

A. H2SO4, H2SO3
B. NH3, NO2
D. HF, H2F
E. NH3, NH4+

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asked by cs
  1. HA is an acid. A^- is the conjugate base BECAUSE A^- will add a hydrogen ion to become an acid.
    Which of those pairs can you take away a H^+ to make the base (or add a H^+ to form the acid)?
    Hint #1. Look at the last pair.
    NH3, NH4^+. Note I can take a H^+ away from NH4^+ to form NH3. I can add a H^+ to NH3 to form NH4^+. So this is a base-conjugate acid pair. Can you do that with any of the others?

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