The sentences below are based on Virginia Woolf's "The Duchess and the Jeweller." Circle the pronouns that are in the incorrect case and write the correct pronoun on the line. Write Correct if all pronouns have been used correctly.

1. Oliver Bacon had an expensive flat; its overlooked the Green Park.
Incorrect: its
Correct: it
2. Fortune seemed to smile on he.
Incorrect: he
Correct: him
3. He wore the finest clothes; they were made by some of the best tailors in London.
4. As the richest jeweller in England, him could afford to be a snob.
Incorrect: him
Correct: he
5. He probably would have looked down on you and I.
Incorrect: I
Correct: me
6. No doubt he would have sneered at us taste in clothes.
Incorrect: us
Correct: our
7. He was proud to have fought his way out of poverty.
8. His clients came from the upper ranks of the aristocracy; some of they were a litte afraid of he.
Incorrect: they, he
Correct: them, him
9. A duchess visited he to try to sell her jewels.
Incorrect: he
Correct: him
10. Oliver agreed to buy the jewels, even though he suspected their were fake.
Incorrect: their
Correct: they

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  1. Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Excellent! You have no problem there.

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  2. correct the wrong pronoun antecedent relationship and rewrite the sentences' the cat will sleep in her basket

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