TRig WIth LoGs help1!!

i have problem i can't solve and the book is no help.. anyone got osme hints or somehting i could start off doing?

the problem is...
Solve for x: log(x^3)= (log x)^3

Rewrite it as 3 log x = (log x)^3
The use algebra (divide each side by log x) to get
(log x)^2 = 3
log x = (+ or -) sqrt 3
(There are two solutions)
When log x = sqrt 3,
x = e^(sqrt 3) = 5.652...
When log x = -sqrt 3,
x = e^-sqrt3, x = 0.1769...

There are actually 3 solutions, when you divided through by the log x you eliminated one of them. Try x=1 too.

sin 27 degrees = x \ 8

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