Their advice was excellent... you need to put a subject in before the verb ironing and change the tense... The sentence, as it is, still has the pants doing the ironing....

Please explain because in the sentence itself it doesn't say anywhere if its she , he, or they so how or what should i do in regards to the subject. Please refer to the original postage of english....

You wrote:
Rewrite the following sentences,focusing on the grammar area if it doesn't need no change write no change. Make it under the rule of "Dangling Modifiers".

1.Ironing out all wrinkles,the pants looked much more presentable.

My answer is: The pants looked much more presentable after ironing out all the wrinkles.

I got a feedback saying (who is ironing )that i needed to clearify but the sentence doesn't state therefore how should i rewrite this sentence.Please help me understand.

This is what GuruBlue meant:
The pants looked much more presentable after he had ironed out all the wrinkles.
It doesn't matter whether you use he, she, they, Jack, Naomi, or whatever -- as long as you get a subject in there! If you leave it as you corrected it, there is still a dangling modifier in the sentence.


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