Early Child Ed.

Would you please check these questions
and my answers? If I am wrong, please
let me know.

1. During a visit by her Ghanaian
grandmother,Shermeka learned how
to make African cornbread.
While Grandmother silently showed
Shermeka how to prepare the
ingredients,Shermeka silently
watched and helped her stir the
mixture. This experience did NOT
enhance critical literacy skills
Shermeka will need because it:

A)was a shared social experience

B)evolved through mutual understanding
of what was present and visible

C)lacked referential language

D)was an action-based exchange that
negated attention to the obvious

2. During a class fingerpainting
activity,Doresha appeared perplexed
by the teacher's question,
"What are you doing, Doresha?"
Doresha did not respond quickly
or with ease. Which one of the
following could NOT be a reason
why this eventcast posed a concern
for her?

A) Doresha is from a mainstream

B) Describing an action is not
practiced in her home or by
her friends.

C) Asking someone to explain an
action the questioner is witnessing
is considered disrespectful.

D) The use of language for labeling
an event or something obvious is
unusual in most cultures.

Here are my answers:

1. (C) lacked referential language

2. (B) Describing an action is not
practiced in her home or by
her friends.

I am not real sure that (B) is the best answer for the second question.

I know eventcasts are a type of narrative, typical in mainstream cultures but very unusual in nonmainstream families.

Please help,and let me know if you think my answers are correct!


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  1. 1 - C and 2 - B are my choices, too. I think you're right.


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