I need help with these two questions:

1) me mejor amigo/comprar la cinta/su novio/regalarle otra.
The first verb we have to use el pluscuamperfecto and the second part we have to use the preterite.
So I have:
Mi mejor amigo ya había comprado cuando su novio ______ (I know it is regaló, but where do I put the le?)

The second question is similar. If I have nosotros verlo and have to form the preterite, I know it would be vimos, but where would I put the lo?


in front of regalo

1. Don't forget to add "la cinta" after "comprado." As for all object pronouns, be they direct-objects or indirect-objects, to "play safe" always put them in front of the verb with the Person Number. UNLESS it is an affirmative command, at which point all object pronouns are attached, become part of the verb form and usually add an accent mark for pronunciation. With the gerund (-ndo) or infinitive you have a choice. EX: lo voy a comprar OR voy a comprarlo.
2. Again, put the lo in front of vimos.

your confusing me but i think it goes like this. "Mi mejor amiga fue con su novio a comprar otra cinta porque van a regrale la otra." hey im dominican i know about spanish trust me.

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