I have the following problems- write net ionic equations for reactions if no reaction write NR....

silver nitrate and ammonium carbonate

sodium phosphate and potassium nitrate

silver nitrate and barium chloride

copper (II) chloride and sodium hydroxide

cobalt (III) chloride and sodium hydroxide

help... how do i know if there is a reaction or not?

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asked by mel
  1. For reactions of this type, look for any ONE of three things.
    1. a precipitate is formed. You will need a table of solubilities.
    2. a gas is formed. You need to know which elements/compounds are gases.
    3. a weak electrolyte (slightly ionized compound) is formed. You need to know weak acids and weak bases; generally, those are the ones with Ka or Kb. H2O is a slightly ionized material also.
    For example,
    AgNO3 + (NH4)2CO3 ==>
    Look at the ions. We will have Ag^+, NO3^-, NH4^+ and CO3^=.
    Looking down your table of solubilities, I know immediately that Ag2CO3 is insoluble in aqueous solution and NH4NO3 is soluble; therefore, I know a reaction will take place, that Ag2CO3 will be a solid ppt and that NH4NO3 will be present as ions.
    The net reaction is as follows:
    2Ag^+(aq) + CO3^=)aq) ==> Ag2CO3(s)
    I have a site for solutility rules if you need it.

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    posted by DrBob222

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