I need to simplify the following rational exponent:


I've done the following but don't think this is right:

= 3|64n^18
= 4n^2.62

I don't know how to type in the root symbol so I used | to mean root. Can someone please verify this and if incorrect please explain where I went wrong? Thank you very much...

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  1. (64n^9)^2/3

    When you have an exponent of an exponent, you multiply the two. (9 * 2/3 = 6)

    64^2/3 (n^6)

    Cube root of 64 = 4 (4*4=16, 16*4 = 64)

    4^2 = 16

    (64n^9)^2/3 = 16n^6

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