religion--verse explaining

i think it is more profitable to look at all the attributes of spirtual malpractise in given cultures, and when we do so we find a set of oppositions that maintains remarkable consistency as a set, despite variations between cultures.

can someone explain what this verse means? thanks

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  1. First, that is not a "verse".

    That means that when people in any religion adopt behaviors which are not approved of by that religion, those mistaken behaviors are found in many different countries/societies.

    This example is ridiculous... but I think it will explain.
    Suppose there are a group of children.
    They all believe that if they put beans on the sandpies in their toy ovens, that will make the sandpies eatable.
    This belief then is carried over from this group to other groups of children of all sorts with consistency. Then the believe is handed down from child to their children by "tales", ie parent to child.
    I hope that helps.

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