Religion--thesis statement help!

Majority is where evil exists and the individual is distinctly evil, and minority is when evil does not exist, rather the actions one does can be considered evil through explanation.

i need to write a strong thesis statement agreeing with the minority view

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asked by Mark
  1. Your thesis reminds me of St Augustine, Confessions. It is not easy to bring it to one sentence.

    To produce a thesis, I think, you will have to define or desecribe Evil. It is impossible to make a strong statement on evil without first knowing the nature of it.

    Your thesis view would fit well with Plato's view, however, I suspect that would not fit in your thinking, if you are a religious student.

    Good luck.

  2. Bob Pursley is right. You must clarify what you'll be writing about AND the stance you'll be taking.

    Here are some of the BEST webpages I've found on writing good thesis statements:

    Once you've drafted a thesis statement (rough draft, probably!), please repost and someone here will help you streamline it.


  3. english

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    posted by Sonia

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