Algebra II

A train left Podunk and traveled north at 75 Km/h. Two hours later, another train left Podunk and traveled in the same direction at 100 km/h. How many hours had the first train traveled when the second train overtook it?

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  1. You can solve it algebraically or you can set up a chart:

    First train:
    1 hr: 75 mi
    2 hr: 150 mi
    3 hr: 225 mi
    -- Continue this chart

    Second train:
    1 hr: 100 mi
    2 hr: 200 mi
    3 hr: 300 mi
    -- Continue this chart.

    Compare the charts to see when they've both traveled the same distance, but the second train reached it in two hours less.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. distance = rate x time
    A train rate = 75 km/hr

    B train rate = 100 km/hr

    distance traveled by A train =
    75 x (t+2 hrs)

    distance traveled by B train =
    100 x t

    Distance is the same so set them equal to each other.
    75(t+2) = 100t
    solve for t = time.

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  3. i needhelp with solving systems of equetions algebrically

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  4. Use the matrix method to solve:

    x + 4y = 8

    2x + y = 9

    x = a0

    y = a1

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  5. your

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