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How might a potential employer evaluate your writing if you did not use proper verb tenses? Why?

General question, I ned others perspective on to help answer this question. thanks

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asked by BC
  1. A potential employer may think you are an uneducated person who would not be acceptable as an employee.

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    posted by Ms. Sue
  2. any specific examples of why? that is what I cannot think of, I know how like errors on a resume, application, etc... I know the employer may feel that one is incompetent or sloppy. But I cannot think of the specific why examples?

    Shows that a person does not pay attentiuon to detail? any other specifcs on why that you can think of to help ne with - thanks

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    posted by BC
  3. Not only do errors on a resume indicate an uneducated person, they also show sloppiness. If a prospective employee doesn't care enough to send a correct resume, I'd assume s/he wouldn't care enough to do the job carefully.

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    posted by Ms. Sue

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