Hello Reiny, please check these problems for me and if they are not right WOULD YOU PLEASE HELP ME WITH THE CORRECT ONES THANKS!!!
1. Slove for X, wher X is the real number, square root 5x + 9= square root 9x + 13= 27
2. Find the value: ^3 square root -27= 9
3. Write the following in simplified radical form ^4 square root 80= 4

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asked by lee
  1. 1 . I assume you meant
    √(5x+9) = √(9x+13)
    if so, then square both sides
    5x + 9 = 9x + 13
    -4x = 4
    x = -1, the answer checks in my equation

    2. I can't figure out what you are saying.
    are you finding the cuberoot of -27 ?
    if so, the cuberoot of -27 = -3

    3 again, is that supposed to the fourth root of 80 ?

    80^(1/4) = (16)^(1/4) (5)^(1/4)
    = 2 times cuberoot of 5

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    posted by Reiny
  2. last line should have said

    2 times fourthroot of 5

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    posted by Reiny
  3. THANKS AGAIN Reiny!!

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    posted by lee

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