actually, in a addition to the question i posted a few minutes ago, can someone please help me with a few actual specific questions? thanks so much i'm very confused and i've been working on these all day.
*Literal Equations*
~solve for x
ax + bx = 8ab

~solve for y
my - ny = m - n

~solve for a
s = n/2 (a + 1)

~solve for n
C = ne / r + nr

~solve for n
a = (n-2)180 / n

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asked by kim
  1. Here's how to do three of them. Once you see algebraic steps, you should be able to do the rest.
    #1 ax + bx = 8ab
    x(a+b) = ab
    x = ab/(a+b)

    #3 s = n/2 (a + 1)
    a+1 = 2n/s
    a = (2n/s) -1

    #5 a = (n-2)180 / n
    a n = 180 n - 360
    n(180 -a) = 360
    n = 360/(180-a)= 2/[1-(a/180)]
    (Either answer is correct)

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    posted by drwls

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