Lead is often found in Earth's crust as several lead compounds. Calculate the mass in kilograms of the amount of each of the following lead compounds that contains 4500kg of lead.
1)PbCO3 (cerussite)
2) PbSO4(anglesite)

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  1. You can go through kg to moles and back to grams and kg but thre is an easier way to do that is no longer taught in schools. I wish they did. I've used it my entire career.
    To convert Pb to PbCO3.
    4500 kg Pb x (factor) = ?? g PbCO3
    Just make the factor (it works the same way as converting lbs to ounces or grams).
    4500 kg x (molar mass PbCO3/molar mass Pb) = ?? kg PbCO3.
    4500 kg Pb x (molar mass PbSO4/molar mass Pb) = ?? kg PbSO4

    The atio of molar mass X/molar mass Y is called the chemical factor.

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  2. thank you so much. you explain things really well!

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