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"Immigrants have frequently been accused of taking jobs from "real" Americans. Politicians who oppose immigrants often use this as a reason. The problem with this argument is that many immigrants work very hard for minimum (or lower) wage that doesn't attract most other workers."

Is there a specific reason why these politicians like to use immigrants as a scapegoat? Do they do it for power or to be elected or what?

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  1. Politicians use immigrants as scapegoats in order to get elected. They ignore the real problems -- such as a minimum wage that most people can't live on -- in order to avoid angering businesses that don't want to pay higher wages. Business lobbies are much more powerful and wealthy than immigrants. Scapegoating immigrants also appeals to other low-wage voters who believe that immigrants are at fault for their poverty.

  2. Thanks a million!

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    posted by Abigail
  3. You're very welcome! :-)

  4. Why did some people dislike NAFTA?
    They thought it would be good for the environment but bad for Mexico.
    They thought it would be good for Canada but bad for the environment.
    They thought it would be good for big companies but bad for other people
    They thought it would be good for farmers but bad for other companies.

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