social studies

1. On-the-scene coverage of a natural disaster is an example of the press’s role of
a. watchdog.
b. signaler.
c. partisan advocate.
d. common-carrier.
e. interpreter.

2. The news media are usually guided by events that
a. are timely.
b. affect large numbers of people.
c. occur in other countries.
d. happen to ordinary citizens.
e. are complicated to report.

3. In contrast to European news media, American news media are more likely to
a. guide readers by providing ideological interpretations of current events.
b. play a partisan role by taking sides in political debate.
c. act primarily as neutral transmitters of information.
d. use yellow journalism.
e. None of these answers is correct.

4. The media have professional norms and standards that create
a. competitive pressures to report the same stories.
b. a liberal bias in the news.
c. a sharp difference in which stories are reported on broadcasts and which ones appear in the newspapers.
d. a sharp conservative bias in the news.
e. None of these answers is correct.

5. One of the reasons that the reporting of national news is relatively uniform among news sources is because
a. the government dictates much of what is reported.
b. there are only a few important events each day that merit news coverage.
c. a small number of news organizations and news services generate most of the news.
d. reporters are not given much freedom by their editors.
e. journalists have a tendency to be fairly lazy.

6.The news provides a selective depiction of reality because it
a. emphasizes dramatic events and excludes slow, steady processes.
b. is biased in favor of a Republican viewpoint.
c. is biased in favor of a Democratic viewpoint.
d. is biased in favor of a liberal perspective.
e. is biased in favor of a conservative perspective.

7. In comparison with today’s newspapers, early American newspapers were
a. written by hand.
b. so inexpensive that nearly everyone read a daily paper.
c. supported by the political parties.
d. more widely read.
e. All these answers are correct.

2-B, 3-C, 7-E
I don't know 1,4,5 and 6 so help me!

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  1. I disagree with your three answers.

    2. The press widely reported about Tiger Woods' misconduct. I don't think most people were affected. It was current "news" or scandal, though.

    3. Most media organizations report more favorably about one side of an issue. I don't like any of the answers.

    4. Newspapers were not written by hand. Newspapers were printed on printing presses.

    This site will help you with 1.

    For the other questions, eliminate the choices that you know are wrong. What do you have left?

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  2. 1-b,2-c,3-c,4-d, 5-a, 6-b, 7-a

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  3. death

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  4. newspapers clearly werent written by hand

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