Imagine you are expected to write a three-page paper. Design an organizational and time management plan to complete this paper. Keep in mind the paper requirements are to select a topic, write a thesis, write supporting material, and include a minimum of three sources.

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  1. A lot depends upon the time I'd have -- 5 days or 5 weeks. I'd work backward from the due date (DD).

    DD - 2 = Complete final draft and prepare to submit the paper.
    DD - 3 = Do final editing and proofreading.
    DD - 6 - 4 = Write the paper, edit, proofread, and revise.
    DD - 7 - 8 = Outline the paper, making sure I have sufficient supports for my thesis.
    DD - 9 - 11 = Research the topic, take notes, and revise my thesis if necessary.
    DD - 12 - 13 = Choose a topic, do preliminary research, and write a tentative thesis statement.

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