7th grade

if the median height is 5ft 2in how many students in mrs maloneys class are 5ft 2in or taller? how many are shorter?

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  1. Please see my answer below.

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  2. Max wants to hang a picture 2 3/4 inches above a desk. His ruler is marked in 1/16ths. Max must use which measurement to hangb the picture?

    A. 2 1/16inches
    B. 2 3/16inches
    C. 2 9/16inches
    D. 2 12/16inches

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  3. Mr. Wright wants to tile a 5ft by 5ft square floor. He has three sizes of
    square tile: 1ft by 1ft, 2ft by 2ft, and 3ft by 3ft. Tiles may not overlap or be cut.
    What is the fewest number of tiles Mr. Wright may use to completely cover his
    floor. How many of each size tile will he use?

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