Help!! I cant find this word fesselation. I looked in books and the internet nothing please help

Spell it this way:


ok do you know wht it means tesselation. I tried it both ways tesselation and fesselation.F
ound nothing

HELP!!!! I cant find tesselation and its due monday. Someone please help me.

I don't find it but I found tessellation. Could you have copied it down wrong? or a typo?

If you don't know what it means go to the online dictonary. At the top of the website it will say search,there you will type in your word. It will bring you to the page and will explain your word. Good Luck!!!!! Hope this will help.

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  1. Lesson nine exploring tessellations math 7B unit four graphing and coordinate plane, if you are a connexus student, here are the correct answers for the lesson, I have just taken the test and I assure you these are the right answers,
    4. False

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