45) George is making spaghetti for dinner. He places 4.01 kg of water in a pan and brings it to a boil.
Before adding the pasta, he adds 58 g of table salt to the water and again brings it to a boil. The
temperature of the salty, boiling water is _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _°C.
It is a nice day at sea level so that pressure is 1.00 atm. Assume negligible evaporation of water.
Kb for water is 0.52°C/m.

my book says the answer is: 100.26

how do i solve it?

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  1. delta T = i*Kb*m
    i = 2
    Kb - 0.52
    moles NaCl = 58/58.44 = 0.992
    m = moles/kg solvent = 0.992/4.01 = 0.247

    After finding delta T, add 100 + delta T = boiling temperature.

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  2. 100.26

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  3. 100.26

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