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A student bikes to school by traveling first d_N = 1.10 {miles} north, then d_W = 0.500{miles} west, and finally d_S = 0.200 {miles} south.

You will now find the same quantity algebraically, without the need to use much geometry. Take the north direction as the positive y direction and east as positive x. The origin is still where the student starts biking.
Let d_vec_N be the displacement vector corresponding to the first leg of the student's trip. Express d_vec_N in component form.
Express your answer as two numbers separated by a comma (e.g., 1.0,2.0). By convention, the x component is written first.

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  1. I figured this out. For those that may need help with a question like this. Because of the North direction being the displacement vector... there was a 90 degree angle. So...

    (1.1)(cos90) = 0
    (1.1)(sin90) = 1.1

    Answer: (0, 1.1)

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  2. That's wrong when you put it in.

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