I need help starting a Thematic essay, please help

For Stranger in a Strange Land.
I don't know how to start the essay, the paper with the assignment on it says
1. What specific issue(s) does your text address?
2. What is the author trying to say about the issue(s)? (Thesis)
3. What character development supports your thesis?
4. What conflict(s) support your thesis?
5. What other literary elements/devices support this thesis?
I need help starting it because I'm not sure if they are talking about the actual issues in the book or what they stand for. PLEASE help. The reason I'm not asking a teacher is because its a summer reading thing.

I think your teacher is looking for the meaning of the symbols and satire in the book. I would mention the book happenings, but focus on what is meant. Now don't get too serious with your interpretation...even Heinlein said many different folks have offered to explain it to him. He says he was just writing a story.

I think I would focus on the parallel between Mike and Jesus, and what the author thinks along those lines.

My teacher wants our class to write a satire in the style of either Swift ( we can imitate either Gulliver's Travels or "A Modest Proposal) or Austen. I don't know what to do

Maybe you can start with like a question or maybe a fact on the subject that your writing! I hope this helps you because I know how hard it can e starting an essay! Trust me!

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