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a jury of people is chosen from 10 men and 12 women. How many ways can a jury of 6 men and women be chosen?

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  1. You said "How many ways can a jury of 6 men and women be chosen?"
    I am sure you meant to say
    "How many ways can a jury of 6 men and 6 women be chosen?"

    That would be C(12,6)xC(10,6)=....

    If you meant it the way you said it, then it would be more difficult.
    Do it with different cases

    6 women, no men --> C(12,6)xC(10,0)=924
    5 women, 1 man ---> C(12,5)xC(10,1)=7920
    1 woman, 5 men --> C(12,1)xC(10,5)=3024
    no woman, 1 man--> C(12,0)xC(10,6)=210

    Now add them all up.

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