Alicia's cheapskate boyfriend gave her a ring he claims is 24 carat gold. Alicia is skeptical. After chem class the next day she measures the mass of the ring, finds the volume of the ring by water displacement, and then calculates the density of the ring. should she treasure the ring as his first truly generous gift to her, or throw it at him the next time he walks by?
Mass: 15.28g
Final Volume: 43.7mL
Volume of ring: ??
Density: ??

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  1. You need the initial volume to find the volume by displacement of water.

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  2. My identical wksht states that the initial volume is 42.2 mL. This means that the volume is 1.5 mL, and the density is 10.19 g/mL, but I don't see how it relates to the 24 carats..

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  3. a student filled a graduate cylinder with water and reads the meniscus at 25.8 ml the student then dropped a solid materiaL into the water level rose to 35 .9 ml if the solid material hada density of 2.99g/ml determine the mass of the solid object

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