a 25.00 gram sample is placed in a graduated cylinder and then the cylinder is filled to the 50.0 mL mark with benzene. the mass of benzene and solid together is 58.80 gram. assuming that the solid is insoluble in benzene and that the density of benzene is .880 g/cm^3 , calculate the density of the solid.

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  1. The added mass of benzene is
    Mb= 58.80 - 25.00 = 33.80 g.
    The volume of the added benzene is
    Mb/(density) = 38.41 cm^3
    The volume of the solid must be
    50 mL - 38.41 = 11.59 cm^3
    The density of the solid is
    25.00/11.59 = ___ g/cm^3

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