5th grade math

i am a number greater than 40,000 and less than 60,000 my ones digit and tens digits are the same. my ten thousands digit is 1 less tha 3 times the sum of my ones digit and tens digit my thousands digit is half my hundred digit, and the sum of those two digit is 9

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  1. Lets let the one digit/ ten digit = "a"

    Ten thousand digit must be 4 or 5 (between 40001 and 59999)
    Ten thousand digit = 3(a+a) -1
    = 3(2a) -1
    = 6a-1

    Try 4
    4= 6a -1
    5 = 6a
    5/6 = a
    a= not an integer

    Try 5
    5= 6a-1

    Thousand digit = Hundreds digit / 2
    Thousand digit + Hundreds digit = 9
    Thousand digit = 3
    Hundreds digit = 6

    Answer = 53611

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  2. yeah........ answer= 53611

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  3. 78 553

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  4. Larger than 3 million iam less than 3 1/2 million my largest digit is my ten thousands digit iam multiple of 5 who am i

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  5. 1+1=2

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