Use the clues to figure out the six-digit decimal number.
1. It is greater than 3,000 and less than 3,200
2. All the digits are different
3. The digit in the undredths place isa multiple of 5.
4. The product of 5 and th digit in the ones place is 0.
5. The digit in the tenths place is greater than 5 and is not a multiple of 3 or 4.
6. The digit in the tens place is 3 less than the digit in the tenths place

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  1. I started this way:

    3 __ __ __ . __ __

    Clue 3: the hundredths place must be either 0 or 5

    Clue 4: the ones place must be 0. Therefore the hundredths place must be 5. That also means that the hundreds place must be 1. (See Clue 1.)

    Can you figure out the rest of the answer?

    We'll be glad to check your answer. :-)

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    Ms. Sue
  2. Name two 2-digit factors whose product is greater than 200 but less than 600

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  3. 3140.75

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  4. Tenth place is grater than 5 and cannot be divided by 3 or 4 is 7

    Tens place is 3 less than tenth means it is 4

    Hundredths is multiple of 5 which can be only 5

    So answer 3140.75

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