I need help with algebra ASAP!

I'm in Algebra 1 this year and I really need help solving these equations.

Completing the square

1)c^2-7c= -12
2)x^2-2x-8= 0

Incomplete Quadratic Equations
1) 2x^2-2 = 16

Any advice will be appreciated!

c^2-7c= -12
What is 1/2 of -7? Square that, and add to both sides.

x^2-2x-8= 0
What is 1/2 of -2? square that, and add to both sides

A cylinder has a radius of 5 in. If the volume of the cylinder is 250* pi in. ^3, what is the height of the cylinder

[Hint: The volume of a cylinder is given by V=pi * r&2 *h
Remember that pi = 3.14

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