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i need help with finding out if teenagers need different requirements in their diet than that a an adult in their early 20's

If you are between 15 and 18, you're completing your final major growth spurt and on your way to becoming an adult.

For girls, this means adding some fat padding. For boys, it means adding muscle and increasing the volume of blood. These changes often encourage girls to diet unnecessarily to stay slim, while boys may overeat to satisfy their appetites. Both can lead to health problems down the road, and, incidentally, probably will not do the job you want right now.

additionally, teens and young adults are likely to have differing exercise habits.

how much energy does a twelve to 15 yr old use a day ?

true or false there is no nutritional difference between whit and brown shelled eggs

i want to find out the Nutritional value that pastries add to our diet

hi i just wanted to ask could you list some products that are either a pie, quiche, flan or tart that have a sauce and arefor vegetarians.or tell me a website that is good for it

help me about pasties manufacture I am mad!!!!!!!

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