medical terminology

I have to find the errors in a progress report. I am running into some diffculity with the following paragraph: Over the last 10 days the patient has had at least 25 episodes of dyspnea; all relieved by a bronchodilator inhaler. Most recent episode of dyspnea was yesterday and the prescribed inhaler gave no relief for almost 15 minutes before subsiding to another puff of the inhaler. He went to the emergency room yesterday for a nebulizer and parioxysm treatment. This patient is a current smoker and indicates a consumption of 2-3 packs of cigarettes per day and has not discussed the need to stop at this point. On exam today, blood pressure is 158/92. He has tachycardia with a pulse of 152. He is in no acute distress. Crackles heard in lungs with little air exchange in both right and left sides. Small air movement on the right lower love and no movement in the left lower lobe of the lunds can be heard. There is no edems or distention of neck veins.

I hope that you can help me with this.

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asked by Marion
  1. First of all, it is incon ceivable that no one has said "stop smoking" t him. The crackle in the lungs indicates fluid in the lungs and the tachycardia indicates his heart is working too hard. Since a normal heart rate is about 70 beats per second, the pulse rate is too high. What medication is e using and how often because that could exhaberate his condition.


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  2. Sorry, this keyboard is suddenly skipping so badly. H ere are some correctio ns:
    to him
    he using


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  3. Medical Terminology Error Correct Term
    1. Constructive Obstructive
    The error is on the left and the correction is on the left, I hope this helps.

    2. CODP COPD
    3. afonia pneumonia
    4. spudum sputum
    5. lower left lobe left lower lobe
    6. PFT PFTs
    7. eupnea apnea
    8. ventolator ventilator
    9. dailys days
    10. dysphnea dyspnea

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    posted by Travis
  4. I am currently doing this assignment and have found most of the errors.. what is parioxysm treatment? or is that another correction that needs to be made

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  5. I am pretty sure this is cheating and the funny thing is you are getting wrong advice.

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    posted by Teacher

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