Does anybody speak French?Because I need help in it?

post your question. Our French teacher will be along sometime this evening.

OH ok I just needed help with indefinite and definite articles.are you in French?

Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Let's begin with definite articles, translated as "the." There are 4 forms: le, la, l', les. "Le" identifies a masculine, singular noun that does not begin with a vowel (a, e, i, o, u) OR the silent h. (le livre, for example) "La" identifies a feminine, singular noun that does not begin with a vowel OR the silent h. (la maison, for example) "L'" identifies any singular noun, either maasculine or feminine, beginning with a vowel OR silent h. (l'endroit, l'horloge, for example.) However before aspirate h the article is retained: le héros, la honte. "Les" identifies any plural noun.

The article is expressed in French before each noun, even though it may be omitted in English. (les fruits et les légumes = fruits and vegetables)

Contractiions with the Definite Article. With the preposition "à" and "de" contract with "le" and "les." Examples = à + le savant = au savant / à + les endroits = aux endroits / de + le savant = du savant / de + les endroits = des endroits.

There are some uses of the definite article that you will meet as you study French and we'll be happy to explain those as they come up. Then they are either stated or omitted.

Now, for indefinite articles, translated as "a, an." There are 2 forms: un and une. "Un" is used before a masculine, singular noun and "une" before a feminine, singular noun. Examples: un livre, un endroit or une maison, une fille.

With a plural noun, later you will meet "the partitive" which is translated as "some." des livres = some books or des maisons = some houses.

Notice that as you learn the nouns (vocabulary) be sure to also learn the gender: masculine or feminine. Please post any other questions you may have! Mme

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asked by Margie

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