he Fe(ox)33– complex ion creates an emerald green solution when dissolved.

The observed solution color of the complex indicates the size of o is:

A. large.
B. small.
C. in between.
D. inconclusive, more information is needed.

The observed solution color of the complex indicates that the spin of the complex is:

A. high
B. low
C. inconclusive, more information is needed.

Therefore, which calculation is most likely to be correct?

B. Semi-Empirical
C. inconclusive, more information is needed.

is the answer B, A,A? chem

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  1. yes. did you get 7-9?

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  2. it is NOT BAA. one of the three is wrong.

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  3. It's small, high, and B3LYP

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  4. fluffy is right

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