Please help me create basic character outline!?

I already some part but please help me continue with it. Here is what i wrote.

Since Sava was a little girl she loved watching little kids. When she became older she eventually wanted kids as her love for young kids. She got married at the age of 30. After two years, she decided she wanted kids. Over the next few years she already had three young kids, two boys and a girl. It was Sava’s dream to be a stay-at-home mom looking after her kids. Although she had love for children, she was a selfish mother. Sava would rot her kids in diapers, leaving them in the dirty diapers for hours. She would always serve food herself first rather than serving her kids. At night she would put them to bed in their untidy clothes. Sava was known as a selfish woman who barely treated her kids the right way, treating them like animals. When Sava’s kids became old enough to know about their mother, they disobeyed her every minute. This made Sava feel neglected from her children. In her mind, Sava knew she had to make a move and start changing her attitude. She started learning the real meaning of love for her kids when she came in an older stage; 40. She felt terribly sorry for her. Sava suddenly started changing her attitudes towards her children, realizing how badly she treated her own children. Sava had become a more mature woman for her age. She became from a selfish to a thoughtful mom. Every night she sat next to her children reading bed time stories, until they went to sleep. She would serve food to her children first rather than herself. Now as Sava became a caring mother, her children loved her as a mom. They treated her with respect, felt loved by her thoughtful mother. To this day, Sava has been a great example on her kids until they became grow-ups ready to live their own lives.

now tell me how she changed her life. here is what you should do

Part 1: a profile about the character who faces a conflict
Part 2: the same profile but with 4-5 character details added
Part 3: a paragraph about how changing one character trait would change how your character dealt with the conflict.

ill give you a hint: the character changed by being thoughtful. now write about that.

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asked by yakime

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