Career Studies

Hi, I have to do a visual presentation on a current economic or social trend. I'm not allowed to use bristol board/posters or powerpoint/slideshows, because she wants us to be creative. What are some trends I could choose from, and what kind of presentation could I possibly make? I need to answer these questions:
1. Is the trend social, economic, or both?
2.What effect does the trend have on canadian life?
3.What effect does the trend have on occupations? (How we work, where we work, when we work, as well as the impact on leisure activities)

My MAIN issue is how to do a visual without powerpoint or posters. We aren't presenting in front of the class or teacher, It's just me, so no group, and it has to be something physical I can hand to her.

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asked by Emma
  1. I could give you some trends in the U.S. -- specifically about businesses cutting back on employee benefits. But since I don't know what trends are prevalent in Canada, I added that word to the subject. Hopefully one of our Canadian tutors can help you.

  2. go to glogster. It makes creative and neat project. You can print it out .

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    posted by Jackie

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