i have 100.00 to spend on 100 animals. the chickens are .05 each, the pigs are 5.00 each, and the cows are 10.00 each.

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asked by junebug
  1. What is your question?
    Can I spend less than $100 ?
    Can I have less than 100 animals ?

    let the number of chickens be x
    let the number of pigs be y
    then the number of cows is 100-x-y

    so ...
    .05x + 5y + 10(100-x-y) = 100
    times everything by 20
    x + 100y + 200(100-x-y) = 2000
    x + 100y + 20000-200x - 200y = 2000
    -100y - 199x = -18000
    100y = -199x + 18000
    y = (-199/100)x + 180

    If you MUST spend $100 and you MUST have 100 animals there is obviously no solution.

    If the condition is as I stated at the top of my reply, there are quite a few cases that will work, as long as the number of animals does not exceed 100 and the cost does not exceed $100
    e.g. 2 cows, 10 pigs and 10 chicken satisfy that condition.

    BTW, 5 ยข for a chicken ?????
    When was your mathbook printed, in 1850?

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    posted by Reiny

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