English-Ms. Sue

Ms. Sue the A-z story I did on the Ugly duckling was a rough draft. Now I have to polish it, and these are the postive and negative comments I received from some classmates.

Postive ones:
-Good ending
-Good grammar

Negative ones:
-No exciting point in story
-Don't understand semicolon in sentence N- doesn't work
-Improve sentence I
-J?- was confusing X?
-Heard before
-Sometimes too descriptive, & jumbled & squished together

I really want to make this story modern now. Have any suggestions for a good story line? Sad ones would be great, even a few comedy words would be fine. Thanks a lot for all your help:-)

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  1. To get an exciting part in the story -- you could elaborate on the episode when the duckling discovered that the grandma wanted to fatten him up to eat him for dinner.

    Another version of this story could be about a homely and insecure child who grows up to be beautiful and confident.

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  2. Alright, I'll work on it and will hopefully be able to post it onto here tonight, thanks 4 ur help:-)

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