1. which is the better buy?

a. 6 for #3.49
b. 7 for #3.55
c. 8 for #3.99
d. 9 for #4.20

i got letter D

2. the price of a leather jacket is #375.25. if the sales tax rate is .25%, what is the final price of the jacket(including tax)?

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  1. 1. Correct.

    2. Are you sure your sales tax rate is correct? At 0.25%, the tax would be less than a dollar.

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  2. yes

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  3. $375.25 * 1.0025 = $376.19

    Note that most sales taxes are around 5 to 7%.

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  4. is it including tax

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  5. Yes.

    I told you that the sales tax using 0.25% was less than a dollar.

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